Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Performance Management Dialogue II

Since I didn't know much about Technical Symposium last year, this year I am more prepared. In fact, I plan to submit 2 or 3 technical paper this year. I will try to produce a good technical paper that the judge will accept and make the team proud. If possible, I would like to try to submit patent paper as well but I would need more help from Edmond and Choon Guan.

Also planning to take RAE this year and pass the exam, it would be better this time since I got more time to prepare myself for the exam. For finding defects, I have been doing some reading and will try to practice the theory when I run expert test. I would use more error input to improve my testing and try to be more observant.

At the moment, I am spending 100% concentration and time on box testing. I do have some ideas on how to improve the team; one of the mini projects I am working on is modifying an information portal to make knowledge sharing a breeze. The idea is to make the box test handbook accessible online, easier to maintain and everyone can contribute to it. The progress is kind of slow as I need some details from our Penang Box Test Homepage server before I can continue the project.

Working here is enjoyable, but sometime I also need to plan for my future as well. I have thoughts of furthering my study later this year but I have yet to decide on this. I will continue to contribute my service in Motorola and make a decision before my contracts end. However I can't give you a confirmation as I am undecided at the moment. Anything can happen and I may change my decision depending on the situation.

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