Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My new gadget for Feb 2006

I just have a craze for technology devices and gadgets, maybe it is my weakness. My latest addition to the tech gadget that I own is HS850 Bluetooth Headset.

Motorola HS850 Black Bluetooth Headset:
No wires. No limits. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication with total freedom of movement. The Motorola Wireless Headset with Bluetooth technology is astonishingly advanced, yet intuitive and simple to use. Automatically link to other Bluetooth technology enabled products up to 10 meters away without ever touching the devices. Store in a pocket, in a briefcase, or even in the trunk of a car and enjoy effortless, quality communication.


William said...

Hmmm....funny...u never mention to me that you own a bluetooth headset? when r u going to show me?

Foo said...

Be patient, the patient one gets the most valuable stuff.
ROFL, will show you soon.
Dont worry