Friday, December 16, 2005

Appreciative 2005

# Feeling or expressive of gratitude; "was appreciative of his efforts"; "an appreciative word"
# having or showing appreciation or a favorable critical judgment or opinion; "appreciative of a beautiful landscape"; "an appreciative laugh from the audience"

Once there was a smooth, no speed bump road. The drive was smooth, but the residence there was not happy with traffic amount that passes in front of their house everyday. Even in the middle of the night where those new and nice car but fitted with noisy making accessories cruising around emitting nothing but pure noise. Surely this is not so good to the property value there. What seems to be a good idea back fired. Speed bump is good to slow a vehicle down, but too many speed bumps will cause traffic congestion.

Sigh, kind of lame to drive through 3 bump everyday. One day, I decided to be adventurous and try another short cut. To my dismay, I really regret it. Less traffic is good, but 5 speed bumps are too extreme for me.

Guess I must be more appreciative. Don't complain too much as I was given considerable good luck. 3 speed bumps surely beat 5 speed bumps.

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