Tuesday, December 27, 2005

ROKR E1 Ranked Among The Worst Products Of 2005

ROKR E1 Ranked Among The Worst Products Of 2005
ROKR E1: The Oakley Thump of the mobile phone set; at least it's a decent phone. The hype around "The First iTunes Phone" created unfulfillable expectations. It's not as polished as an iPod, and its oddly limited music storage makes a mediocre player even worse. Glacially slow music-transfer speeds put the final nail in this coffin. Sony Ericsson sells a much better MP3-phone combo, but I suggest a shuffle and a RAZR phone: Cheaper-and better, too.

Feel like hitting the wall with my head now since I just got a Motorola E398. Motorola ROKKR E1 is actually E398 + iTunes. Wonder whether this means my E398 is also a worst product of 2004

Anyway, you can read the Bottom 10: Worst Software Disasters from the link below.

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