Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My contract status

I started working in Motorola from April 10 2005 and my current contract is due on January 10 2006. This means that in 1 month's time, my contract will end, my question here is: am I going to be offered new contract and continue to work here? Or am I going to be converted to permanent? Or Jan 10 2006 will be my last day working here?

Whatever the outcome will be, I will respect the managerial decision and I won't make a fuss out of it. It has been nice to contribute here; I have learned many things, gain some experiences and earn some acknowledgement from peers. It feels good to wear the Motorola uniform to work everyday, I am proud to be part of the Motorola Family.

If my work performance is below par of what is expected from Motorola employee, I would understand if I didn't get anymore opportunity to be here. Kindly inform me earlier so that I can plan for my future else where. Please don't let me know last minute and make me disorganized.

Should I didn't get to work here after my contract expires, rest assure that I will still contribute 100% effort when I still under contract, I won't be lazy, won't be destructive nor unproductive.

Your reply to me will be kept confidential and I will not reveal it to other people.
Thank you.

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