Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fancy Stuff - Dec 2005

Fancy Lighting Feeds the Consumer
Vlacom outdoors has introduced these new lighting posters to help the sale of liquor (like it needed it) and other goods. These lighting techniques will be used on the massive advertising billboards and such. It is already being used in the Netherlands to sell Netherlands stuff.

iPod nano Video Video

What could make the iPod video even better than it already is? Shrink the size of the screen to just over an inch. Sure, smaller is better, but watching a video on an already-tiny iPod nano? Seems a bit pointless. This feat was done with the help of Linux-powered Podzilla. Remember, kids, with Linux, anything is possible.

iPod nano video demonstration [Google Video]

Nethrone Workstation: Torture Device?

This is not a torture device. You have to trust us on this one as much as you are tempted not to. The Nethrone is a crazy-looking ergonomic device that looks like a dentist's chair designed for comfortable computing. Leaning back in the comfy leather seat and looking up at the screen keeps you from straining your neck as much as you normally would using a computer. Designer Eran Baruhe wants you to have complete comfort and control over your experience in the Nethrone, so nearly every part of the thing is adjustable to make you relaxed and comfortable. Comfort doesn't come cheap, though, so be prepared to shell out $2500 for the Nethrone when it comes out in January, 2006.

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