Wednesday, December 07, 2005

PIKOM PC Fair 2005

Sounds like another normal place for you to get computer hardware peripheral, software and etc. PC Fair, a place where you can get many computer peripheral under one roof, who would of something else?

Well, things went a bit different albeit I went there to get some blank media, new ink jet printer, and other miscellaneous stuff. So go there with a mind on what I want to get, while I was asking around for a good bargain. I came face to face with one of my TARC PG friend, so I do what other people usually do, talk awhile with him then continue shopping.

PC Fair was quite packed on the last day with many people hoping to get the best out of their hard earned money. So was me, going from shop to shop to get a good deal. Then I bump into another friend from college, I get acquainted with him for a while. It is kind of weird place to bump into friend in this place.

After getting what I plan, I take my leave and got the car park, put all my things and ready to head home. Since it is kind of congested, I have to drive slowly. From behind, I recognize just another high school friend of mine. Driving at speed of less than 10 KM/H, I sneak up on him. When I was really close and he didn't suspect anything, I shout his name. He was kind of shock, but reacted fairly well. We just talk for few seconds and I am off cause there are cars behind me and I don't want to cause any congestion.

So much for computer peripheral under one roof, it seems more to be a place to go and bump into long lost friend. Can't say I just go there to get computer hardware, I must say I go there for 2 purpose, to seek good bargain and to seek long lost friends.

Can't wait for the next PC Fair.

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