Friday, December 16, 2005

iPod stuff

The Queen's got an iPod
A slightly less important story appeared in the The Sun today. Apparently, the Queen has gone and got herself an iPod. Obviously, she didn't pop down to Dixons on ladies' night, but instead sent some flunkey along to purchase the player for her. By all accounts it's the silver iPod mini. Presumably it had to be the silver since the more regal gold one's not available anymore. According to Tech Digest, the Queen already has a mobile, which she uses to text her grandchildren. It doesn't matter how many times this story is reported, there's no way I'm going to believe for a second that the queen sends texts and listens to MP3s. 1 smply cnt blieve its tru.

iPod Chair Man speakers

At last - an iPod accessory idea that has legs and indeed hands. Scoring high for cuteness, as you would expect for an accessory aimed at the Japanese market, the Chair Man portable speakers are available this month in three different colours - black, blue and pink.

There are two 50mm diameter speakers built-in to the feet while the arms/legs can be moved about to secure your iPod. To use the speakers, just plug your iPod into the stereo-mini jack input on the side. Power is from a single by a single AAA battery or the mains.

iGuy - Daft iPod Case

Let's face it, your iPod is pretty sure of itself: it knows it's cooler than you, and everyone else around it for that matter. So teach it a lesson by dressing it in this get up, turning your oh-so-trendy white monument to minimalism into a goofy iGuy with arms, legs and an added key holding menial task facility. That'll learn it. There's currently a model for the standard sized iPods, but a mini is apparently on its way later in the month.

Party on with iPod pants
Courtesy of Shiny Shiny, new
s reaches us of the latest in hi-tech underwear for men - the iPod pants. Whether there's a demand for these groovin' garments isn't really made clear.

You don't need to plug them in or stuff them with batteries. These pants simply come complete with a small pocket to hold your iPod or MP3 player of choice - ideal for the obsessive gadgeteer who can never be parted from his player!

If you think musical pants are the future, you can find out how to pick a pair up at Shiny Shiny.

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