Friday, December 16, 2005

I want iPod Nano

iPod Book Cover
Now this is smart. They've taken some old-school, hardcover pulp novels and turned them into iPod cases. Because really, iPod theft may be a real problem these days, but you don't hear many reports of folks having their copies of Lovely You, Detective Fiction or Scavengers is Space lifted from their bags.

iPod Nano Wallet

Since folks keep talking about how the Nano is about the size of a credit card, I can see the thought process that might encourage you to carry it like one. At least that seems to be the idea behind Marware's leather CEO Billfold Wallet, which has a special pocket for your Nano (including headphone jack, charger access and plastic screen.)

Convenient? Sure. Well - only if you want to carry it in your jacket since it's not meant for "use in pants pocket" (and presumably would be awkward in a purse as well). Oh - and if you don't mind having to flash your wallet around every time you want to skip songs. Doesn't the iPod family have enough of a reputation as being targeted for theft without adding the temptation of a full billfold to it?


I've been trying to puzzle this one out. On the one hand I understand the wireless listening appeal of the mTune headset - just pop your Nano into the special slot and you can dance like a maniac to your playlist without getting caught up in any wires.

Podstar's Devlish Nano Cases
Is your Nano naughty? (Or does it want to be?) Then the silicon Diabolo case from Podstar might be the Nano cover for you.

The Podstar Diabolo isn't on the market just yet - but when it is, it will be available in two colors, four designs, and will include a screen protector. And, perhaps more importantly, the bad-girl image you'll be giving your Nano should help counterbalance any inferiority issues it may have due to being the smallest kid on the iPod block

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