Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Bad Guy Notice

I got this from a book I was reading, thought it was funny.

The Bad Guy Notice:
This book is copyright 2001, with all rights reserved. It is illegal to copy, distribute, or create derivative works from this book in whole or in part, or to contribute to the copying, distribution, or creating of derivative works of this book.

When you purchased this book, you agreed to the statement on the bottom of the homepage of my website that stated:

"©2001, All Rights Reserved. If you try to copy, steal, or distribute all or any part of my book or this web page without permission, I will have my attorney contact you and make you wish that you'd never had such a stupid idea in your life. Count on it. By purchasing this book, you agree to the following: You understand that the information contained on this page and in this book is an opinion, and it should be used for personal entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your own behavior, and none of this book is to be considered legal or personal advice."

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