Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Poem Time (nov 2005)

My name is Hean Tee
Hean Tee is twenty three
Hean Tee like to plant tree
Hean Tee don’t go for tea.

My surname is Foo,
But I am not a Fool,
Don’t think I am a food,
Not like a Tofu.

I am
Not here to harass,
But here to caress,
Please don’t arrest me.

You r the heiress to great wealth,
But now u gives me great health,
So don’t leave me alone to melt,

Inspired by William Foo, which in turn I wrote the line below for him.

WILL is a written document for future use,
William is me, one who can be at your disposal,

Sad is a word u can tell me about,
Happy is a word I will share with u,

Fool, I am not,
William Foo, I will be your friend, if u WILLing,

Below is what he originally wrote for me

My name is Hean Tee
I m twenty three
I’m everyday happy
I can b quite lazy
But I try to act busy
Nowadays I seldom watch TV
When u r free let's go have a tea


Foo said...

U don't like Tea but u like coffee. That like u are a CopyCAT.
And ur GF name is Cathy. Cause she is very pretty and very lovely.
Then u try go steady with another gal, Lily.
Lily and Cathy got into a big Fight, and Hean Tee cabut Lari.

- from Thoon Len

William said...

My fren Foo,
Is a bloody fool,
He always makes use of his manly tool,
To give those gals a screw,
U will hear him shout woohoo!