Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Performance Management Dialogue


Maybe I am not competitive enough, if I were to include in comparison, I don’t think my score will be high or good.

Competition is good in working environment provided it is healthy competition. So for the future, I would try to take up more challenge as I try to improve and be more competitive in more area. Subsequently I hope I am able to learn more and contribute to the team better.

However working here is good, gone are the days of college’s spoon fed days. I can learn more to be independence and less dependants on others to get the work done. Self learning seems to be the best way for me as I don’t need to depend on others to get the work done, moreover other colleague get to get their done as well.

For my work performance, I feel ashamed. I have been in APCO for around 4 months, yet I haven’t found any bug. I was helping out in TETRA last week and I manage to find a severity B bug. 2 day versus 4 months, I should be finding more bugs in APCO. This is something that I need to work on. I will try to do more testing and contribute more. Hopefully I can discover more bug for APCO.

The one thing that would be nice if everyone is more considerate, I know this is very subjective and not possible. But imagine this, if more people are more considerate for equipment swapping, they would take care of their equipment, return it to cabinet when they are not using it, it would be fewer headaches for the equipment team and it would be easier to get equipment instead of waiting or asking around to get the equipment they want. After the reform in equipment team yesterday, I hope things will be to be better and easier.

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