Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Web-based Office will have its day

The Web-based Office will have its day
Posted by Richard MacManus
( i found it useful and i would like to keep a reference for it

Writely - "The Web Word Processor" (note that for creating documents, it uses an HTML editor and then converts to Word format)

FCKeditor is also an MS Word-like web app. It's open source too.

gOFFICE - "a browser-based online word processor and desktop publishing program"

Num Sum - web-based spreadsheets - except only the author of a spreadsheet can edit it.

Kiko - Online calendar solution powered by Ajax.

called S5 - web-based Powerpoint

Webnote - web-based version of Microsoft's OneNote

thinkfree - online Office suite

Openomy - online file-system

And ones Peter has added to the mix:

read more about it here

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