Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Datsun 120Y

I am driving my father's old car - Datsun 120Y. Was doing some research and decided to publish it since I might be doing some mods in the future.

B310 series
The final rear-wheel-drive Sunny from 1977 to 1981 featured numerous variants, including a fastback station wagon as well as more squared-off, utilitarian ones with three and five doors, a coupé, and two- and four-door sedans. These models appeared with Datsun 120Y and 140Y badges in some markets, though Sunny was increasingly used for export, too. The B310 was known for its high equipment levels and build quality at the time. Mechanically, it used the same engines and transmissions as the B210, except that the rear suspension was updated - the live axle was now suspended using a coil spring/Panhard Rod configuration in place of the B210's archaic leaf springs. In 1980, the B310 was given a mild facelift, with a smoothed off front end and grille with square headlamps, plus the dashboard was redesigned.

Anyway the car below is not my car, I just grab from Internet

Pimp My Ride?
Most probably I need it, from a house saloon car to a race car.
What I need is a more comfortable journey, new suspension, wheels, breaking system and better interior. Haha...


kyle phillup said...

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