Friday, November 11, 2005

[tech] Spyware from Sony

Spyware from Sony
In order to fight piracy, Sony BMG turns to spyware?

CA targets Sony DRM as spyware

Don’t they realize that customer always right? And if I don’t like your product I can turn against you and support your competitor? Here, Sony doesn’t seem to respect the consumer, and then what can the consumer do?

Spyware spat makes small print a big issue

Well, seems like the consumer can do nothing. What has been label as spyware can sue the anti spyware company for being labeled as spyware. Yet it could be another challenge for the anti spyware and internet user.

Talking about challenge, the consumer should be aware of this
Unsecured Wi-Fi could become a crime

Now one must be careful and anonymous surfing will be history. (Until the rule is approve by the parliament.)

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