Monday, November 14, 2005

Me and IC office?

This could be what happens to me when I go to register in the Identification Card registration office. LOL.

Officer: what is your religion?
ME: I don’t know
Officer: what u means u doesn’t know?
ME: ok, if u insist, agnostic
Officer: what is agnostic?
ME: u doesn’t know?
Officer: yes, I don’t know
ME: since u don’t know, just leave the religion field empty
Officer: no, the field cannot be empty
ME: then you can put other
Officer: there are no others here
ME: then leave it blank
Officer: it cannot be blank
ME: well, then u put agnostic
Officer: there is no 'agnostic' here
ME: then just leave it blank, I will fill it up when the system support agnostic
Officer: I can't
ME: then I can’t register now. Bye

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