Friday, November 18, 2005

You are currently using 2298 MB (86%) of your 2665 MB.

You are currently using 2298 MB (86%) of your 2665 MB.

What does that mean? Any guesses? Well, let me disclose the answer to you all. That is how much my storage space used up in my Gmail. As you all might know, the storage space provided by Gmail will increase little by little everyday but somehow I think I overtake the pace of the increasing storage. Haha… well, I think I am not the first one to almost reach full capacity, my friend have been try to max up his Yahoo when Yahoo changes the storage space to 250MB few year back. However as I try to reach 50MB, as well as my friend who is reaching 250MB, we notice that our mailbox tend to slow, everything we try to do is slow, even the page loading is slow. We found out that if your mailbox space increases, the page loading time also increases. If your mail box uses less storage, then the loading time would be faster.

Don't worry, that was last time. Now Yahoo doesn't have this problem. Besides, I can't wait for the new Yahoo Email; you can look at the interface at

If you are wondering, what I keep in my Gmail until it is almost 2.3 GB. Well, mostly it is the forwarded attachment, pictures and video. You might say "Hey, I thought picture and video don't eat up much space." The truth, Gmail will block any attachment that might be virus, namely .scr, .exe, .com, .bat and other executable. And Gmail will block any attachment that is over 10MB.

But try to imagine, I haven't been cleaning my mailbox since April, 7 months which is over 200 days. Then some of my friends all are awfully good to me, they keep on forwarding email to me. (Don't worry, you can still bomb my email, I will keep an eye so it won't exceed the limit)

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