Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Poem as requested by my friend

I must be some what good at this, some request that I received from my friend and the result is below.

Aw Yeang Tze Ling
, I have been poked by a needle.
Wish I was like a yeang(young) girl.
Where my eye was better than Lao Tze
What lingers me now is my boy friend

, I am not good at introduction
How I wish I was a small kids
Where the audience will think I am still yeang (young)
Compare with K'ung Fu-Tze (Confucius), I am nothing.
But I know that Ling is marine food fishes located in northern European waters.

William Foo
A will is what you need when you are dead.

William, me is what you need when you are alive

Food is what you need to be alive.

William Foo is what you need to be happy.

You may ask, How to be happy?
Let me tell you a secret recipe.

Stick with me more,
Then you will earn more,

More than you ever need,
But you still need me

Cause I am William Foo.
The one who will make you happy

Michelle Neo Wei Khun
You can call me Michelle,
Or you can call me Neo
Just don’t call me Wei! Wei!
Else I will nag you till you ai Khun.

(Ai Khun is a Hokkien word is to represent sleepy)

Michelle is a nice name, if you understand me.
Even Neo from Matrix also admire me

Wei, I am not lying. I got proof
For they make Khun a language in Myanmar

Connie Lau Si Ee
is not a cone.
For Lau is not from LAOS (country).

Si is not sit, its meaning is poem in Chinese.
Ee! So now you know my name.

Hi, I am Connie.
Don’t worry, I am not cunning.

Si-sit, don’t worry,
For I like to eat ice cream in cone till the day I turn into a Lau Ee.

(Lau Ee is old folks in Hokkien)

If you think that I can make a good, simple and funny poem by using your name, email me or leave a comment. I will try my best to make you laugh.

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