Tuesday, November 29, 2005


It is not that I don't want to join you all; it is not that I am not sociable; it is not that I dislike you all.

I trust you all, I will support you all when you need support, and I will do my best and help when you all need me. I am a player in a team.

The problem is you all don't trust me. Someone told you all some story about me and you all buy it, thus making me the most not welcome member in the team.

I don't blame them, some people like office politics and they would do anything if you were not the same 'gang' as them. Some people would do anything to survive. Anyway people are selfish in some way.

I know it is hard to be appreciated by others and I don't want anything from you all. If I want respect and trust from you all, I will earn it myself. This is the correct way.

However you no need to worry so much about me. As a contractor, my task is to contribute to Motorola; I was paid to work here. And I will devote myself to the task assigned to me and not cause any trouble to you.

Trust in sociology is a relationship between people. It involves the suspension of disbelief that one person will have towards another person or idea. It especially involves having one person thinking that the other person or idea is benevolent, competent / good, or honest / true.

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