Monday, November 07, 2005

Face of the cars

When I was a kid, I love to associate the front side of a car a look of a face. That's exactly what happened today during my lunch with the BOE's (Board of Engineers).

Me : "Dude, check out that Nissan X-trail.."

Wilson : "What about it ?"

Me : "Piece of junk"

Wilson : "Couldn't agree more.."

Me : "It's front view reminded me the face of a crab. A big, hairy, fucking crab."

Wilson : "Hahah .. yeah, it looks like a crab alright. Damn, they're using seafood as an inspiration to design automobiles nowadays..."

Words can't describe it. Just take a look at Nissan X-Trail, and it will automatically make your brain think of crabs ... or some large crustacean critter beneath the ocean that feeds of rotten carcasses.

More examples :

Proton Wira would remind me the face of a cat.
BMW 5 series, a nasty face of a whale shark
Volvo S80 (dubbed as the Chinese casket with 4 wheels) reminds me of some old dude with a big nose
Honda City the flowerhorn fish car (with a matching tail and shape, goddamn).
Proton Juara looked like some freaked out stick insect.
I always associate Hyundai Sonata with Rob Steward's face, or that Wormtongue guy in Lord of The Rings.
Perodua Kancil looked like a petite underaged female student wearing a big thick glass.
Hyundai Elantra had the look of some fat teenage geek with no life.
Toyota Vios .... a face of a small annoying mongrel (Odie)
Toyota Altis .... some faggot with a baby face
Know what Gen2 reminds me of ? A mime. You know what's a mime ? A mime's a freaking clown that mimics everything you do and annoys the shit out of you.
Nissan 130Y - some Chinese professor with thick collagen filled lips.

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